Heart disease has emerged as a major killer disease in the Indian sub-continent. Physicians are quick to point out that our population has a propensity to develop coronary problems. No surprise that 10-14 per cent – more than 50 million people – of our adult population suffers from coronary artery disease. If this was not enough, the incidence of heart disease in the 20-40 age groups is 10 times more than what our counterparts in the US and Europe endure. This is reason enough why the growing number of corporate hospitals offering quality medical care has quite, in effect, ensured that medical treatment and heart surgery reach our burgeoning middle class. The best part, however, is – a section of doctors is increasingly advocating heart-healthy lifestyles, alongside medical treatment, because the crux of heart disease is related to how we live and what we eat. Their new mantra is: “Make them walk; don’t chop.”

LIFESTYLE AT SAAOL, How to Reduce Heart Blockage Naturally


Dr. Dean Ornish, a young medical doctor based in San Francisco, U S A is known as a pioneer in the reversal of heart disease. From his earlier days as medical student he learnt yoga and meditation from an Indian Guru. So deep rooted was his belief on the usefulness of the yogic way of life that he started a unique research project where he treated a group of heart patients with proven blockages in their coronary arteries (by quantitative angiography and PET scan) by the yogic way of life, vegetarian diet and stress management.Another similar group who took the medical management served as control patients. The results of the scientific trial were an eye opener for medical doctors all over the world.

Dr. Dean Ornish,How to Get Rid Of Heart Problems

Published in the “Lancet”, the most prestigious medical journal, the results showed that most of Ornish’s patients not only showed a reduction in angina and coronary risks but also angiographically proved the reversal of blockages in their coronary arteries. Magazines like Readers’ Digest and New York Times also published these reports. With Ornish’s experiment a new era was established in the management of coronary heart disease and alternatives to angioplasties and CABGs were available. In 1995, JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) published results of Dr. Dean Ornish’s patients after 5 years of follow-up, which also showed a persistent reversal of coronary blockages. The latest edition of Braunwald’s Text Book (1997), the bible of Cardiologists, also clearly talks and recognises the reversal of blockages. Dr. Ornish propagated the ancient Indian technology of Yoga for heart disease treatment by publishing a 500-page book, which is now an international best seller.


The most common form of lifestyle, which people gave in this modern era, is sedentary lifestyle. Very few are involved in regular physical activities. Most of us have a lifestyle which has minimal of physical work, no exercise and bad dietary habits i.e. sedentary lifestyle.Now, it is known to all that fat forms blockages in the arteries (tubes which carry blood) like coronary arteries. These fats are called cholesterol and triglycerides. They get deposited in layers over a period of years. When these blockages become significant the tubes (arteries) get choked leading to disease called coronary artery disease (angina, heart attack). In the past 50 years cholesterol (an animal fat) was considered as the only constituent of the blockages.


The oil manufacturing companies exploited the naivety of the people, misled them to believe that oils are harmless by promoting their sales with captions like “Cholesterol Free” or “Zero Cholesterol Oil”. Well, it is true that oil does not have cholesterol because it is made from plant seeds whereas cholesterol comes from animal products (meat, milk & their products). The layman started buying these oils. What they failed to realize was that these oils are also hundred percent fats because they are triglycerides and triglycerides are equally harmful. Oils also have high calories content (each gram gives nine calories) that can lead to obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. It is best to minimize the fat content in our food (optimum requirement of fat by the body is 10% of the total calories). This can be easily obtained from all the food items, as every food contains oil known as invisible fat or hidden fat. This means that all the visible sources of fat (i.e. cooking oil) should be completely cut down. Now, this would raise a query: how to prepare delicious food without oil? What if the food is prepared without oil? Will the taste be there? If you think rationally the answer would be yes. The taste comes from the spices (masalas). Oil itself does not add taste. It is our mindset, which was trained to believe all these years, which says that taste comes from oil. But when we ask to remove the oil, the masalas get removed automatically. This happens because the housewife does not know how to put the spices, when no oil appears in the frying pan. This prompted SAAOL to develop the concept of “Zero Oil”. By “Zero Oil” we mean cooking without using a single drop of oil. SAAOL cooks the spices and food in water and since the spices are there the color, taste and flavor remain intact. SAAOL also realizes that the mindset of people finds it difficult to accept water as the cooking media. So we have named water, when used as cooking media-“Saaol Oil”. By introducing the zero oil concept in your cooking there will be no risk of taking in cholesterol and triglycerides. This can also be helpful in reducing weight, since the high calorie gain far is removed. We can now aptly say that Saaol Oil contains no fat, no cholesterol, is 100% mineral and good for health.


Cardiac yoga is basically artery gentle yoga exercises tailored to the special needs of people who have various cardiac problems, live with a cardiac condition or recover from cardiac diseases. Cardiac yoga allows for the participant to stay seated while learning the different movements, and eventually working their way up to a full yoga routine.

CARDIAC YOGA, How to Get Rid Of Heart Problems

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